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Let’s get comfy and chat! You desire a gift, an adventure or self-empowerment and Mark wants to listen. You can…


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Magic happens here! Jan does your makeup & hair to your taste. As you watch sets being built to your…


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Some women have cried seeing their projected images, it’s such a moving experience. Mark has a delightful visual selection approach…


About Mark

Mark Laurie

MPA, SPA, M.Photog

International Photographer, Speaker, Writer

Photographing women has been a 40-year passion that still burns bright for this Master Photographer. Although based out of Calgary, Alberta he has photographs in orbit! Mark has photographed women in 16 countries and won a stunning number of awards yet he gets the most joy in seeing how he changes lives with his photography.

Watching a woman’s confidence grow in a session, listening to stories of the reaction to their gift, seeing the sparkling eyes of a woman in the middle of a spectacular adventure; these things inspire Mark’s photographic motivation. He has been studied by a psychiatrist and recommended by life and motivational coaches for his talent at making women feel safe, accepted and beautiful. He will make your dreams come true!

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