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Your robe slips off, revealing delicate lace or glowing skin.
Boudoir or Nude.
Light sculpts your figure, you smile for the camera,
For Your Lover.
Your gift will be breathtaking!

Can you imagine their face while unwrapping it, unwrapping you?

Mark Laurie will bring all his internationally honed skill, creativity, intuition all to the creation of your desire, the ultimate present. A legendary gift that will be long remembered; treasured.

Mark will gently guide you into natural poses showcasing your finest features while drawing out your heartfelt, romantic expressions.

Captured in your moment . . . you glow for the camera.

You are perfect. Your gift will be perfect!

The fun you have creating your gift makes it special to you. Now, you might be nervous at first, trust us, it fades fast. Everyone is surprised how relaxed they become.  It is part of Mark’s charm. Over 5,100 women will vouch for this.

“I couldn’t believe it was me, he said it captured his best memory of me!” Brandy T.

“I got it for him, but it made me feel so special, I am still flying high!” Taylor L.

You can combine our sets and props hundreds of ways, making your gift personally unique. To make it more personal, bring your own props. Items that matter to them; connect to you both. This will be your one-of-a-kind present that will be remembered for years to come.

Mark can photograph you anywhere, in his warm custom studio, your place, outside or anywhere in the world. You can plan this present in person or on zoom. Your session will start with complimentary makeup and hair styling to your taste.

Your fully enhanced, hand retouched images can be a book, metal wall prints, loose images or even digital.

Your gift will be as unique and breathtaking as you are. That is one of our 4 guarantees!

Excited? You should be! It’s going to be amazing!

Connect with us today, we can chat about all that is possible.

What is included in all sessions

Personal planning sessions in person or zoom.
Sessions have 2-hour, 4 hour, or all day options
Hair and makeup included
Access to all our outfits, props and sets.
Projected in person or zoom viewings
Our confident and industry unique guarantees
In studio or on location anywhere in Calgary or the world