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Adventure or Celebration

Is what you are looking for

. . . by getting a nude or boudoir portrait. It’s so exciting! It is not for everyone; just thinking about it makes you bolder than most.

But you, you are an adventurer, you have something great to celebrate. You belong in our studio, that wild part of you is looking for something very daring, very expressive, so very you.

Our sessions are not the same cookie-cutter fits every woman. We have hundreds of props, sets, and lighting combinations. You can craft your adventure to your desires.

Now, coming in to do nudes or lingerie may be wild enough, it’s more than most women do. There is an unimaginable thrill in that experience alone. Our sessions are designed to be over the top. Mark Laurie, our Master Photographer makes every woman feel unique, safe, and sexy while bringing out their full beauty.

Some women want to step up to the next level, especially for those returning to us. For them, and you if you want it , we have these wild, add-on options.

Body Painting: 

Our painters have unmatched skills. Watching your body transform blows your mind. As it disappears into something else, you become this art creation. Photography makes the most of this bodyart to express you. It can look like tattoos even. Does this tantalize your imagination? Read more on our Body Paint page.

Shibari, Artful Rope Work: 

Yes, it is fancy bondage, exotic Japanese style. Our Master Ropers, using colourful  ropes, create corsets to expressive bondage work. Oddly, every woman expresses how freeing it was. You can be nude or in lingerie. Not for everyone, but you can learn more on our Shibari page. It’s a fun version of 50 Shades of Grey. 

Water Sets:

 Limited to special days a few times a year, get on the waitlist to be sure of a space; it is popular. Our studio turns into a lake. Water reflections, splashes, backlight sprays, this is deep Hollywood stuff. Check out our Wild Splashes page.

Milk Throws:

This is novel. We throw 24 glasses of milk on your nude or lingerie clad body as you pose. In Photoshop, we combine the images until the milk splashes becomes your dress, your boudoir clothes.

Digital Art:

Go anywhere your imagination can take you. Build worlds or effects around you. Your session and poses are designed with the digital art composition in mind. It is an unlimited art space. So expressive. 


 Take Mark Laurie, our creative genius, out of his studio! Anywhere in the world or to a secluded park, your place, or a high-end hotel suite. Even the Rockies or the Badlands. You will be blown away with what comes out of these excursions!

So, are you up for this much adventure? Just reading about it may send tingles down your spine. Some can’t wait; some need to talk a bit more to us.

Whichever you are, you need to contact us today; time to feed your wild spirit or bring it out.

What is included in all sessions

Personal planning sessions in person or zoom.
Sessions have 2-hour, 4 hour, or all day options
Hair and makeup included
Access to all our outfits, props and sets.
Projected in person or zoom viewings
Our confident and industry unique guarantees
In studio or on location anywhere in Calgary or the world