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The Magic Of A Black Light Body Painted Portrait.

This is so cool; it’s as close to magic as a photographer can get. The body painter starts with your nude figure as the canvas. Bold designs and colors transform you, or rather the nude canvas that is you. It could just be your back, or front or both.

While body painting always looks fascinating, when the lights go out and the black light comes on, it’s the big reveal. It looks like the art is glowing out of you from underneath your skin.

With the black light only the paint glows, your unpainted skin goes black. It must be a mind juggle for the artist since they have to imagine the unpainted body areas as black while knowing the colors they are painting will look different once done.

A Lethbridge client had an amazing landscape painted by Melody on her back. It will become a wall piece printed on steel for that super high glossy detailed look.

Video clips of the creations are very amusing. Kayla had done a version of My Little Pony. At my client’s hips was the skeleton art of the pony. By rocking her hips back and forth, the little pony’s bony legs buck and kicked. Or our Groovy 60’s girl by Melody rocked it out like a character from the old Laugh-In TV Show.

Beverages glow too, so having a skeleton sipping from a glowing martini glass is amusing.

Surprises often happen. Tracy did this incredible Koi fish on Jenna from thigh to shoulder blade. We sprayed an oriental umbrella to add to the Asian effect. The result photographed like a giant jellyfish. It fit our aquatic theme!

Skeletons seem uniquely perfect for black light fun. Fran painted this delightful lingerie attired skeleton. She was the one sipping the drink. Check out our video.

Not all black light UV devices give the same effect. In my research I found some were simply lights painted purple, not the same thing as a true UV light. The high-end UV LED units that we used give the skin and other non-phosphorus props a deep blue/purple tinge.

It’s not that this is bad, it’s just different and we can take advantage of it creatively. Especially when I decide that disembodied floating parts need a body to connect to. Then we can always add colored back lighting to enhance the mood, outlining everything.

In some of the paintings the face is unpainted. Under the black light it vanishes or goes an unearthly blue/purple. Yet, if I place a focused light from above, shining down onto an upturned face we get the glowing body with natural skin color face.

As you can see, the creative possibilities appear boundless. We have not yet gotten into UV posters being incorporated into the scene. Like natural color body painting, it is a fascinating process to watch your body disappear, become transformed.

What transformation would excite you? A glowing landscape or perhaps a character? Something with meaning or something for fun? Can you imagine yourself? Would anyone know it was you?

If this really appeals to you, you are in luck, we have a special enticement for you . . . a dual session that starts with lingerie, glamour, nude or all three then finishes with this amazing painting.

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