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Nearly everyone is nervous at first. Don’t worry, there is no pressure. It all happens very naturally, at your own pace. You’ll surprise yourself.
World renowned Mark Laurie is at your service.
Yes, but we might give you a few suggestions. Jan will advise, help you or do it for you.
Whatever you feel comfortable with is fine.
Yes, we would be delighted to have anyone along that will make your session or viewing more enjoyable.
Sure. Bring whatever you like. We provide a range of outfits to expand your options. The camera does not know what you paid for it either, so you don’t need a new outfit unless you want one.
Not unless you give us permission to do so. No one outside of Inner Spirit Staff will see your images. If you are comfortable letting us present some images for contests and display, you can sign a model release allowing us to. We are very strict about privacy. Only you decide who sees your photos.
Yes! You’ll be gorgeous and we guarantee it. Don’t worry, you’ll love your results.

Most enthusiastically. Down the road or overseas, we’re there. What do you have in mind?

You see everything and make your own choices.

Yes, but we don’t overdo it. Lines, blemishes, stretch marks, scars, cellulite are all addressed.
No problem, this is an easy one. We have loads of tricks.
Absolutely. Your range of display options is huge. We can display your images just about any way you can imagine. When you come in for your information session, we’ll explain your options.
Yes, we create amazing books digitally or using traditional methods.

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