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  • January 16, 2021

Wall Art
Enlargements and Framed Photos

Express yourself with art of you on your walls. Single powerful images or collages of images telling a story. Options are paper, metal, canvas and acrylic. Boudoir,  nude or fashion all work well.

Image – skinny

Paper Prints

Rich and lush traditional paper still is desired. With a tested life for over 200 years plus a protective museum quality finish means no glass. Custom sizes from 8×10 to 40×60. Includede is our Flush Frame that floats on your wall. You also go with matted and framed too.

Metal Prints

High gloss and detail, showcasing vibrant colors this is your contemporary choice. It floats off your wall with special hanging hardware pre-installed. It won’t degrade.

Canvas Prints

Archival artist canvas stretched then wrapped around the one-inch covered frame. You can add a wooden frame to it as well. Alternatively your image can be on press mounted canvas to deepen the canvas texture.

Acrylic Print

A very unique crisp look, almost futuristic. Appears to be painted on the glass, arrives ready to hang.


Skinny photo

Why a wall print?

Having art on your walls is the personal touch, giving your walls a flavour unique to you.

Women put personal images up for very different reasons. The room itself lends to different looks too.

It is a reminder of your power and confidence. In the tumble of the day, our sense of self can get bruised a bit. An image reflecting back to you your true spirit lifts that all you up. In a bedroom a more daring, sultry nude or boudoir image sets the mood. Here it reminds you of your sensuality, how sexy you are. The right look shows your sensual side more than skin deep, it’s how you express yourself.

Living and dining rooms are great for those sweeping emotional images, rich colors that warm a room. Here you can switch it up with some either artsy, dramatic or go earthy and quiet.

Family rooms are where the playful images go, something fun that flavours the room with joy.

The nice thing about photographs over equally sized fine art originals or limited editions is they are easy to change seasonally. We do that, loving the change it gives for the season.

We can break out of traditional sizes. Images can be all sorts of shapes to go anywhere. Even to fit together creating a larger concept on the wall.

Some get nervous that a wall print can be seen as vain, overindulging; more often they are viewed with envy. The common comment is “If I looked that good it would be on my wall too!”


It may take a few days to adjust to a large size, after you do, you can never go back.


A wall size print is amazing art. You do deserve that for yourself.