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Referrals are the greatest form of flattery and my entire business has been built on referrals. I truly appreciate each of you for not only writing a very kind review but for telling all of your friends and family about your experience with me.
Thank you so much!

Michael R.

“My wife is fantastic! The images that you took are remarkably excellent! You captured her in away that I wouldn’t have imagined. This is the best gift ever. My wife rocks!”

Shannon K.

“Thank you for making me feel so beautiful inside and out! You have such a gift for bringing out what needs to come out of the people you photograph. I feel blessed by thus experience!”

Rita V.

“I was so sceptical that there would be a photo that I would like. Well, Wow! Finally, one worthy of not only giving as a gift but to enlarge and hang on my wall. I’m so stoked to finally have a photo of myself that I truly love! And hey, I’m naked to boot! Who knew? THX so very much.”

Tawnya H.

“Wow! this whole experience has been so much more than photos being taken. Mark, you are an extremely talented man and I treasure the images of me that you captured. thank you”

Ann P.

“I was terrified when I booked the consultation and even considered canceling as the date got closer!But Mark made me feel completely at ease and on the day of the shoot I was surprised how comfortable and free I became. It was an amazing day that changed how I see myself. I’m ready for my next shoot!”

Theresa L.

“This was a 60th birthday gift to myself after my divorce. I deserved something great and I got it! Mybook of sexy images empowers me and lifts my spirits every time I look at it. I am free to be Me!”

Judi O.

“Thank you for an awesome experience. Through this experience, I have shed a body image burden that I’ve carried for forty years. My self-image has risen from cellar to ceiling! I have risen and I love me. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for making me feel safe, secure and beautiful. Sexy underwear here I come! Continue your beautiful work!

Zoe M.

“I wanted a wedding night gift that would express me and how much I loved him. Together with Mark we created a shoot with all of our favourite things from books to candy. My book came out perfectly! Thesession was worth flying across the country for!”

Emily S.

My session with Mark changed my life. I never felt sexy even though my husband told me so. Now, looking at my images, I relive my experience, I see a sexy, confident woman who can handle all that life throws at her! Thanks so much!

Jen M.

My experiences at Inner Spirit are addicting! I have been photographed, nude, in the water set, fire sets, and body painting. I love how free and confident I feel every time. I will be back again!